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what we do at flint city t-shirts

We print ink directly onto shirts, using nylon mesh screens and inks made just for printing on t-shirts and other similar garments. Our screen printing is not a transfer or an iron-on, like at mall shops and tourist t-shirt stands, the ink physically bonds with the fabric of the shirt, so it lasts much longer. The printed ink is cured in a conveyor oven (much like a pizza oven) at nearly 400 degrees, so it will stay looking great wash after wash.


Screen printing, also known as silk screening or serigraphy, is a printmaking technique that traditionally creates a sharp-edged single-color image using a stencil and a porous fabric. A screen print or serigraph is an image created using this technique.

It began as an industrial technology, and was adopted by American graphic artists in the 1930s; the Pop Art movement of the 1960s further popularized the technique. Many of Andy Warhol's most famous works were created using the technique. It is currently popular both in fine arts and in small-scale commercial printing, where it is commonly used to put images on t-shirts, hats, ceramics, glass, polyethylene, polypropylene, paper, metals, and wood.





Custom printed orders depend on two variables for pricing: the number of shirts and the number of ink colors printed.

shirt quantity breakdowns

We have no minimum order. For real. Knowing that, we can have pricing anywhere from 1 to over a 1000 units in any given order. As the quantity of the order increases the unit price will decrease. For instance, the per unit price on a 12 piece order will be significantly less than the per unit price on a 2 piece order. If you are intending to do a small run of garments we suggest you try to do a minimum of 12, as it offers our best price when looking for a low quantity of shirts.

Here are the quantity price breaks to keep in mind:






6 - 11

12 - 23

24 - 35

36 - 71

72 - 107

108 - 143

144 - 215

216 - 287

288 - 499

500 - 999


number of ink colors

Each color of ink printed requires a separate screen, so rather than charge by letter or word, our prices are determined by number of colors. we can currently print up to 6 colors per shirt side.

Remember that for the purpose of pricing, white is considered a color, but the color of the shirt is not.

no screen charges - no set up fees!

We never, ever charge screen setup fees at Flint City T-Shirts. All of that math is already worked out ahead of time and is included in the per-shirt price we will quote you. We do our best to let you know what your final price will be in the quoting process. We don't believe in "hidden" fees.

combine multiple garment types for lower pricing!

If you order 12 hoodies, 6 crew neck sweatshirts, 36 t-shirts and 12 ladies' cut Ts, all with the same printing, we'll combine those totals, so you can pay the lower, 66 piece price. As long the same size print fits, we'll be able to group them together!

re-orders are a snap!

If you need to re-order down the road, that's no problem at all! We'll keep your artwork on file, and as long as your re-order is at least 12 pieces, we'll give you the same per-piece price as your largest previous order within the past year. It's our way of saying thanks for being a loyal Flint City T-Shirts customer!

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